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Knee joint replacement

Replacements of the cemented knee joint. The product range includes total knee replacement of MEDIN UNIVERSAL MU and MEDIN MODULAR - MM . The revision knee system MEDIN MODULAR REVISION - MMR and stabilized knee system MEDIN MODULAR STABIL - MMS.

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Hip joint replacement

placement of the cementless hip joint. The product range includes replacement of the femoral stem MEDIN CYLINDRICAL - MCT with collar and without collar and, replacement of the acetabular cup MEDIN SPHERICAL - MS and MEDIN SPHERICAL OPTIMAL - MSO , revision replacement of the acetabular cup MEDIN OVAL - MO eventually extended by proximal and distal modules MEDIN OVAL MODULAR - MOM. In the case hip hybrid replacement we offer cemented femoral stem MEDIN CYLINDRICAL - MCS. Ball heads are ceramic, metal and bipolar.

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Hand joint replacement

Replacement of the cementless hand join. The product range includes silicone replacement MEDIN FINGERS, replacement of trapezium and silicone temporary tendon. At present time some verification tests of the wrist and baze I. MTC replacements are running.

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The shipments of the join replacement:

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