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Firma The company ENDOIMPLANT spol. s r.o. (Ltd) was established in 1991 with an intention to offer the best service to orthopedic workplaces in the Czech and Slovak Republic in the domain of joint replacements, starting with distribution of knee and hip products, and even to design new types of replacements in accord with the contemporary trends and with the utilization of top technologies for the production of medical devices, components and tools.

A range of products includes knee, hip joint implants and silicone finger joint implants. For the manufacturing process, materials meeting relevant world standards are used, and all products are CE certificated. MEDIN Orthopaedics knee joint implants have been used with certain modifications since 1984 and so far more than 13 000 sets have been implanted. Hip joint implants have been used since 1988.

Endoimplant company is a significant supplier of joint implants of a Czech producer – MEDIN Orthopaedics company, which utilizes all top technologies for the production of medical devices and components. A range of products includes knee and hip joint implants, silicone finger joint implants and total wrist replacements

The shipments of the join replacement : MEDIN Orthopaedics,a.s.


Na Pískách 13
160 00 Praha 6

IČ: 17049962
DIČ: CZ17049962

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tel.:    + 420 233 334 503
tel.:    + 420 233 334 500
fax.:  + 420 233 321 681
mob.: + 420 724 828 474

e-mail: centrum@endoimplant.cz

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Mgr. Petr Krča

Hana Vavrečková
Ing. Marta Brettlová
Ing. Blanka Chmelíková

Ing. Jan Novák

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